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VMware – one socket or multiple sockets for a VM?

One of the original multi-CPU question in virtualization: 1 socket with many cores, or multi-socket with 1 or more cores per socket.

I recently was pointed to this awesome write up. Handy for performance planning or troubleshooting. Worth your time to read.


vSphere Distributed Switch

Well it finally happened; A new VLAN, new VM and a migration gone wrong as I stuffed up the provisioning of the VLAN tag on one host. Only 2-3 minutes downtime, but annoying enough.

One obvious solution, convert to my first vSphere Distributed Switch

As I had not worked with this before I did a bit of research and found an excellent write up by Zod Chen on his blog which is worth checking out: This was much easier than VMWare’s own guide for understanding the software when my networking knowledge is already strong.
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Home Server revamp

Whilst moving house some time ago I had moved my home ESXi server to the office on a different VLAN to make sure my Exchange server and other things stayed connected whilst my life was moving around in boxes.

My old Server was an Intel rack mount server SR2500. It used to live on the 3rd floor of my old townhouse, this meant I never really noticed just how loud it was when running. Which I soon discovered when I finally had things ready and moved the server to my new ‘server closet’ in my new home. Even with 2 doors and a blanket blocking air gaps between it and living areas as well as bedrooms it could be heard. Whilst the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) was currently high (mainly due to having our media collection accessible on a fast connection again), I didn’t expect it would last more than 4-5 days before ‘that thing’ had to go.
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