Well after years of procrastination I’ve finally decided to get of my ass and do something with this site.

Anyways onto me and the site. My name is Chris and I’ve been using the alias Chipa on the ‘net from around 1993. I work in IT as an Senior Consultant and have been based in Melbourne and Sydney, I’m now residing in Albury, Australia. For fun I’ve done just about every activity I can manage that gives me a good adrenaline rush. I’ve done a reasonable amount of grass roots motorsport, from track days with 4 & 2 wheels to several years with competitive sprint kart racing.

Anyways, The main reason for this site is for a few technical pages for both computers and cars. And also for things like publishing photos. Many of which I’ve taken myself, while trying to convince people I’m a genuine amateur photographer. As some parts of the site may show, I’m a keen Ford fan and own an ’07 FPV Typhoon, I’m involved in several car clubs and watch all sorts motorsport on a regular basis, either at the track or on TV. All of which tends to come through on the site :).

Anyways, more will be added to the site over time, but for now, Happy Browsing.