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VMware – one socket or multiple sockets for a VM?

One of the original multi-CPU question in virtualization: 1 socket with many cores, or multi-socket with 1 or more cores per socket.

I recently was pointed to this awesome write up. Handy for performance planning or troubleshooting. Worth your time to read.


Windows Server 2012 – remove Server Manager and Powershell from taskbar

How to remove those rotten shortcuts for standard users. I might have some of these .lnk files wrong as I’m typing this up from some older notes, but this should get you started.

Create new GPO –
Goto: Read more

Set passwords to never expire in Office 365

You may want to do this for select users, or more likely you want it for the same reason I use it: for an admin account used for Dirsync so the service doesn’t stop working after 2-3 months.

You will need the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell installed to do this. Read more

Exclude directory from SEO redirect-rewrite

So if you change your WordPress permalinks from the default /p?=xxx format you will find that any extra directory or folder within your website no longer work. This is because of the RewriteEngine rules that WordPress uses within the root .htaccess file. Read more