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VMware – one socket or multiple sockets for a VM?

One of the original multi-CPU question in virtualization: 1 socket with many cores, or multi-socket with 1 or more cores per socket.

I recently was pointed to this awesome write up. Handy for performance planning or troubleshooting. Worth your time to read.


vSphere Distributed Switch

Well it finally happened; A new VLAN, new VM and a migration gone wrong as I stuffed up the provisioning of the VLAN tag on one host. Only 2-3 minutes downtime, but annoying enough.

One obvious solution, convert to my first vSphere Distributed Switch

As I had not worked with this before I did a bit of research and found an excellent write up by Zod Chen on his blog which is worth checking out: This was much easier than VMWare’s own guide for understanding the software when my networking knowledge is already strong.
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